An hour and a half of trance-formative time with me whenever you need it.

This meditation bundle has three powerful meditations that incorporate guided visualisations with NLP techniques, binaural sound, and more, to give you a uniquely personal, deeply transformational, meditative experience.

Experience Deep Relaxation For Body, Mind, And Soul With The ‘Relaxation’ Bundle.

The three 30 minute tracks are: 

Crystal Clarity: For those times when you can’t stop your brain from working over-time, you’re going round in circles with your thoughts or you simply have way too much to do or think about.

De-stress: Whether it’s physical tension, mental stress, or emotional angst this track will help you unwind and let go on all levels.

Deep Sleep: Relax and unwind on all levels ready to drift into peaceful, wordless, calm and deep sleep. This track has no ‘call back at the end of the 30 minutes, so you can use it last thing at night. (But don’t use it if you want a quick power nap as you could be gone for hours!)

An hour and a half of trance-formative time with me whenever you need it.

What other people are saying about these meditations:

I’ve used a few guided meditations over the years and I can honestly say this is the only one that has kept my attention. I can happily recommend Helen Leathers’ ‘Relaxation’ meditation bundle as a very good investment for any busy person. – Tosca Lahiri (Website Designer, Wicked Spider)

I have a massively busy day job ( like the girl in the ‘crystal clarity’ meditation) and always busy in the evening and this certainly did the job of clearing my mind. – Melissa Burton (Helpdesk team leader and busy mummy)

Definitely cleared the busyness in my head. Achieves a calming and clearing effect. – Satie Punglia (Busy mum of three boisterous boys, business owner, and trainer)

I have never meditated before, so upon reading that there was a call back at the end for this 30 minute session I honestly thought – asleep!? Yeah right. However to my shock It was so relaxing that I did actually fall asleep, which I did not expect. I did the activity at 5pm of an evening and what I loved about it was how relaxing it was, I was honestly able to clear my mind of chaos thoughts but what I really loved was feeling energised and calm almost immediately afterwards and into the evening. Thanks Helen – Nikki Moore (Network Marketing Professional)

We both used the ‘Deep Sleep’ meditation last night. Micky normally tosses and turns for ages, but he went off to sleep within 5 mins … which is a first. Thank you. Xx – Lorraine Williams (Self-employed Hairdresser)

The Practical Stuff:

Your bundle includes 3 MP3s and a quick guide to using my meditations. Have a read of the guide, it is designed to help you get the most out of them.

Enjoy your meditation bundle and make sure you download it to your phone, tablet or computer so you know exactly where to find all of the meditations.

Please remember that this file is for you but the copyright is owned by me (Helen Leathers). These files should not be distributed or shared with others.

A lot of study, preparation, work technical knowledge, emotions and effort as well as expense as gone in to creating these meditations for you. So please enjoy them, and tell people about them, but do not share them.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Enjoy your relaxation time,


P.s. If you’re not very technical, it’s easy to unzip a file. Simply double click on it once downloaded, and all your files will appear as if by magic.