Help I Think I Might Be Psychic

101 Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual, Psychic & Spooky Stuff

Answered by Helen Leathers & Diane Campkin

This book is for anyone who has ever asked ‘What’s it all about?’, ‘Is there life after death?’, ‘What’s it like to see a ghost?’ and other virtually unanswerable questions.
Do you have a fascination with or passing interest in the Paranormal?
Do you have a more pressing concern and don’t know where to turn for answers?
Do you suspect you have a talent, a path, a dream or desire that you are not fulfilling and you really wish there was more to life?

Whether you have had supernatural experiences or not, this book will give you the basics, and a whole lot more.
This is our take on the often confusing and occasionally, egotistical world of the paranormal. A reference point that’s open and honest and that looks to blow away some of the cobwebs surrounding the more esoteric side of life and death, as we see it.
This book is for everyone.
Do you want to know more…?

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Published by Spreading The Magic – Copyright 2008 – Language: English – 72 pages, Perfect Bound,
ISBN: 978-0-9558571-0-2   PRICE: £7.95

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What Our Readers Say...

I think this book would be very useful to those interested in all things spiritual. It is clearly written and is not at all “preachy” – it enables people to make their own judgements and gives the benefit of the girls’ extensive experience without ever being dogmatic.

Jim Feasby

I wish I could have had access to this type of information years ago… Very concise, easy to read, great for a quick reference and written in ‘laymen’s’ terms. I am sure that anyone reading this book will have had several comparisons with their own lives/situations etc. Also brilliant for sceptic’s as no matter who you are or what you believe, everyone will had had an unexplainable experience and this book will help you to understand perhaps an alternative way of thinking. As they say there is no such thing as coincidences! This book has certainly given me even more enthusiasm in discovering more about the abilities that we all have and set me on my continued journey in this field without thinking I am alone with my beliefs. An excellent read.

Jacqui Fry

well written, entertaining and engaging.

D.F. (London)