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I love learning, and I love creating new ways to help others learn too. So there’s plenty here that you could get started with.

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If you can’t decide which course you want, or know you’ll benefit from all of them, why not go for this bundle?  And it will also save you money when compared to buying each one separately. BUY ALL 3 FOR £199 

**You will receive instant access to Intuition 101. You will receive access to the other 2 courses within 1-2 working days. Just keep an eye out for an email from Helen.


Do You Always Listen To (& Trust) Your Intuition?
Worried That It Might Have Deserted You?
Or wonder if you ever had any at all?

This Course Is For You!

It includes:

  • A 7-week course of lessons where you can learn to work with and develop your intuition.
  • Delivered by video online with exercises for you to do throughout the week.
  • Weekly emails will prompt you to complete each week’s workout.

Immediate Access with weekly modules in bite-size chunks + BONUSES


Do you struggle with boundaries? Is it difficult to say no? Do you say yes to things because you can feel how others are feeling?

It’s not uncommon, and you are not alone!

This online course will help you to understand why this might be a problem for you, and how boundaries protect and serve others as well as yourself.

It includes:

  • 11 bitesize modules guiding you through the process of boundary setting step-by-step
  • Video tutorials, worksheets and exercises that will guide you through the process of understanding yourself more deeply, as well as how to set boundaries and why.
  • A BONUS MASTERCLASS on ‘Energy Vampires & How To Defeat Them’

Understanding Universal Energy & How You Can Use It To Feel Purposeful, Confident, & Empowered Every Day.

In my opinion, energy is everything. What about you?

If you have a sense that we are more than mind and body, or that we are part of a bigger energy, you could be correct. For thousands of years people have tried to make sense of this ‘more than’ feeling, and many ideas, philosophies, and healing practices have been created as a result.

Imagine that you could…

  • Recharge and restore your own energy and sense of wellbeing quickly and easily
  • Protect your energy from other people and situations that might drain you
  • and much more

This courses includes:

  • 9 Modules with video tutorials, worksheets and audio downloads

Train To Become A Spiritual Life Coach With My Accredited Qualifications

spiritual life coaching training
Are you a deep thinking, empathic, spiritually-minded soul that wishes to make a difference in the world, or evolve their own thinking?

This could be just what you’re waiting for…

More and more sensitive souls are seeking to discover their purpose, to realise the difference they can make in the world and to tread their spiritual path, alongside those of like-mind.

This course will help you develop the skills to help yourself and others with:

  • Living an aligned and purposeful life
  • Discovering their spirituality
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Forming and manifesting their future vision
  • Connecting with their true self on a deeper level
  • Find more joy, colour, and happiness in their lives

EVOLVE spiritual life coach training will give you an accredited qualification to work as a coach or to add to your current offering. Or add these coaching skills to your own toolbox for life

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What Our Readers & Clients Say…

Helen, your enthusiasm for the good things about life is like a beacon of light; It’s infectious; It’s powerful and you channel that enthusiasm into sound, practical advice for people who are stumbling through the darkness that their lives are in.

Deborah Mitchell

Business Owner

Helen’s teaching was exceptional, she is warm, caring, understanding and patient. She has a vast amount of knowledge that she shares whilst respecting the knowledge and opinions of others. Over the years Helen has continued to be an inspiration and spiritual mentor.

Bea Cataldo


More From Helen Leathers

Helen now focusses on her work as a transformational women’s coach, trainer and speaker.  If you’re a lady who resonates with living a busy life, feeling exhausted, juggling, being pulled in every direction, and feeling guilty whatever you do. Then you might want to connect with her.
Sometimes ladies lose their identity, they forget who they were before… work, children, marriage, divorce. Often they put everyone before themselves and forget that they matter too. Despite this busy-ness we often feel like something is missing. Helen helps ladies find more energy, purpose and fulfilment in their lives. 

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