10 Stepping Stones To A Better Version Of You

With Unique Online Tools And Resources To Support your Journey

Are you bored, dissatisfied or wanting more out of life? I’ve been there…

I’ve also been overwhelmed, confused and a bit scared at times….

Do you ever feel as though you’re not quite living up to your full potential?

Do you focus on all of your negative points and find it difficult to see your good ones? I’ve been there too…

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Do you feel as though there is a better version of you somewhere… in the future, in your past, within you, just out of reach? Do you want to be that person now?

These 10 Stepping Stones will lead you to be that person, if you really want them to.

Combining meditations, exercises and tools, delivered in modules through this book and through the website this programme of self-discovery will assist you in throwing off the labels, restrictions and beliefs that keep you from being the better version of you that you know exists.

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Published by Spreading The Magic

Copyright 2015

Language: English

112 pages, Perfect bound paperback

ISBN 9780993051326

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